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Soul: Fuji 1st February 2015 4:04 am 
Asking Price: To be sold at 90,000,000 dollars  
Reason: Not making me happy that' way i want to sell it in a price to make me leave too long  

Soul: Vike 1st February 2015 2:30 am 
Asking Price: I want to become the first young richest south african billionaire,get 300 years of youthful and be globaly known and powerful.  
Reason: I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.  

Soul: Fuji 31st January 2015 1:07 pm 
Asking Price: To make me very rich and fame  
Reason: Its doesn't make me happy so that's way i wanna let it go in a Good price that can make me enjoy for to long  

Soul: Fuji 31st January 2015 1:02 pm 
Asking Price: To make me very rich  
Reason: Riches  

Soul: Fuji 31st January 2015 12:59 pm 
Asking Price: To be sold  
Reason: I want to be very rich and too enjoyable in to the world  

Soul: tichngwe 31st January 2015 10:22 am 
Asking Price: I would like to be rich have a lot of business and a lot of money  
Reason: My soul is not tainted in any way that makes it worth it and I'm willing to let it go for the right price  

Soul: Mervynadshead 31st January 2015 8:03 am 
Asking Price: I just want to be a very rich person,I want to have 5 crore rupees in my bank account which i can use.  
Reason: Because i know my soul is worth that price.  

Soul: Onyx323 30th January 2015 8:38 am 
Asking Price: Check my previous proposal's under my account. Any one of the top three will do or combine all of them if you want.  
Reason: I'm tired of the current society I'm in. You can put me under a full trance. I will serve you in this life and the next with the power you give me. I just want out of this lame society I was placed in. I will pleasure you with my entertainment as best as possible. The more you evolve me the more souls I'll deliver. I want to have a higher and greater purpose. Just take great care of me and if you permit me and make me a weapon it all will be dedicated back to you and your glory. I don't want me being created to be in vain nor go to waste. I want to sit AMONGST higher beings and have a real family. Humans can be nasty and never trusted. So please accept me into your grand organization. I only ask to have enough power and wealth as the superstars today. If I'm given more I will humbly show my gratitude for eternity. You don't know if you can trust me and I understand. If I don't keep my word when you make yourselves known and accept me then you can have it all back. Show me mercy and grace. You shall be loved, honor, and respected more than ever. I'll do everything in my limits to make you happy and protect you. So make me limitless because, in the end after I've enjoyed the new life you provide me with, my free will shall be surrendered to you. So I am automatically in full compliance with you and without struggle. I trust you and have Faith that you are not wicked or evil. Thank you for considering me and taking the time to put up with my ignorance. Teach me and guide me. Make me better than I ever was. If there are any females of your kind I will commit to one so you will always have an eye on me, match us perfect and make me flawless for her. I'm tired of being just a human. Adopt me in your family if you want. Help me, help you, help me, help you.  

Soul: markizz 29th January 2015 8:14 am 
Asking Price: i need money  
Reason: I never committed grievous sins  

Soul: markizz 29th January 2015 8:13 am 
Asking Price: 2 000 000 euro  
Reason: i need money  

Soul: sistee 29th January 2015 7:06 am 
Asking Price: i ask for money  
Reason: i am naturally beautiful,i am intelligent,i can do business well,i am very confident and i can work without hesitation  

Soul: kesto 29th January 2015 7:04 am 
Asking Price: i need money  
Reason: i am a soccer player and intelligent  

Soul: kesto 29th January 2015 7:03 am 
Asking Price: i need money  
Reason: i am a soccer player and m very inteligent  

Soul: obaakate 29th January 2015 6:56 am 
Asking Price: i want magical power so i can meet lucifer  
Reason: bcos i am divine  

Soul: obaakate 29th January 2015 6:52 am 
Asking Price: i want to be a hybrid, half vampire, half werewolf, or i want 666 million dollars & live for 300 years  
Reason: i know i am special, unique & amazing  

Soul: AnthonyPalazzo6 29th January 2015 3:24 am 
Asking Price: 1) clear skin 2) straight teeth 3) fame and fortune 4) to become the greatest rapper of all time (I have a very great amount of skill already) I have the soul of a soldier, worth not one soul, but many. Take it or leave it.  
Reason: I can have an among impact on the world and I can also help install the new world order. I have a powerful mind and a strong leadership skill very few posses. I will be more willingly to do things and can be a much more outstanding person.  

Soul: kballot 27th January 2015 11:57 am 
Asking Price: wealth and beauty with grey eyes and to be 5'11 tall  
Reason: it is what i wish for my soul  

Soul: kballot 27th January 2015 11:56 am 
Asking Price: wealth and beauty  
Reason: cause im broke and ugly  

Soul: kballot 27th January 2015 11:55 am 
Asking Price: wealth and beauty  
Reason: to be rich and beautiful  

Soul: 666 27th January 2015 7:39 am 
Asking Price: click the below link to order the book that contains such rituals and stop wasting your time with this people that will not respond to you after31days But the author can help you perform such ritual as he did for me. here is his email address that he added in the book GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL  
Reason: But the author can help you perform such ritual as he did for my friend and I . Here is his email address that he added in the book but I don't know if he is still doing such ritual for people again or not . He is on Facebook, you can add him through the email address and try your luck with him or just get his books because his books are practical. Good luck to you guys  

Soul: kartikey 26th January 2015 8:55 pm 
Asking Price: i ask for money and fame.more fame than money.i wish not to die poor and an unknown face like so many people.i want to live a life that whatever i see i am able to buy.  
Reason: my soul is worth it because till yet i have been pure in thoughts,i have never wished bad for anybody be it my enemies.i cared a lot and have been trustworthy and kind.i have lived up my life as a modern philanthropist.i am passionate and determined but realistic and thats why seek help to achieve my dreams.i can do anything and everything to realise my dreams.  

Soul: waleed 26th January 2015 1:43 pm 
Asking Price: cash money 9,00000 us dollars i need it for starting a new life with marriage and small business  
Reason: young healthy and muslim god believer  

Soul: deny84 26th January 2015 7:07 am 
Asking Price: 2000000 euro  
Reason: and 20 yaers  

Soul: vass 25th January 2015 9:18 pm 
Asking Price: $9000 000.00 and happy life with endless wealth untill I die after 45year from now  
Reason: I am still Fit that I can do anything so and I have been good in my high school level and am still 20years  

Soul: bongzitor 25th January 2015 6:14 am 
Asking Price: money, happy life, success, being respected and being loved  
Reason: those are the important things in life that I dream for  

Soul: Vike 25th January 2015 2:07 am 
Asking Price: I need to sell my soul in exchange of fame,power and money  
Reason: My soul is to win,give me some answers that were never answered before. And live the life I never live.  

Soul: Vike 25th January 2015 2:03 am 
Asking Price: I Tholani Sigasa so sell my soul in exchange of power,fame and being the first youngest richest south african billionaire.  
Reason: I was born to lead the future generation as i should let my own light shine brighter,so who's me not to play the big dreams which may not screw the world? Now it is the time,the time to give others as i unconciously give out the permission to do the same.  

Soul: jkme 24th January 2015 6:46 pm 
Asking Price: 500,000,000 dollars,and lots of sex with women of all ages,to live to be 300 years old  
Reason: its gods  

Soul: psychedelik_fantaseaz 24th January 2015 5:07 pm 
Asking Price: $5,000,000 usd & eternal happiness with my family and soon-to-be fiance.  
Reason: Caring, loving, helpful to all, artistic, a dancer, actress and model.  

Soul: vass 23rd January 2015 9:57 pm 
Asking Price: 900 000 000$ USD including satanism spirits, wealth, fame and wisdom, and knowledge.  
Reason: Am energetic to do all things that the left path will require me to do. For i have proved the badNess of the Christian god to prove him wrong i just sell my soul to you that i may not be converted in any form.  

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