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Soul: constantine 27th May 2015 8:10 am 
Asking Price: i ready to deal for 31972500000.00 Indian Rupee and i want to live rich upto i reach my hell  
Reason: soul is very important for master satan becoz my soul is very strong i have power i using and working for demons .after i sell my soul i have many planed to work with dear demon groups .my price for my soul.and i looking forward for deal  

Soul: Matt 27th May 2015 7:28 am 
Asking Price: I ask for power, good health for the next 40 years and 5 million US Dollars cash.  
Reason: Because I have a worth and quality Soul and am at your disposal if you'll need me for anything in the future.  

Soul: Bheng 27th May 2015 12:09 am 
Asking Price: I want to have many many money. Win a lotto and make me millionaire. I want to become the successful one specially in wealth.  
Reason: Because i hve allot of debt. I want to pay them all. Also i want to save the one i love. Please make it faster action. I really need badly the money  

Soul: darkside 26th May 2015 11:50 pm 
Asking Price: Transform into a an immortal vampire with unlimited powers and have women worship me and do anything I want or need plus have amazing sex with them plus have a twelve inch penis  
Reason: I have been wanting this for a long time my whole life has gone nowhere I offer my ex friends Jeremiah ploeckelmann and Jason harasha to you Hail Satan  

Soul: QUAGMIRE 26th May 2015 5:28 pm 
Asking Price: 1 Million Pounds in 24 hours.  
Reason: Skull and Bones?  

Soul: Areti 26th May 2015 3:06 pm 
Asking Price: I want INR, One crore and good health.Enough.  
Reason: I want INR, One crore and good healthEnough.  

Soul: Areti 26th May 2015 3:04 pm 
Asking Price: I no need new proposal. I want my previous proposal that what made by me.  
Reason: Money,health, goodness, fame, conciousness and inteligence.  

Soul: Areti 26th May 2015 3:02 pm 
Asking Price: I want 1crore indian rupees , my health and my family, relatives and people near by me health too.  
Reason: I want to build a good house and want to do farmimg, with that benifit I have to help the poor. I have to live in healthy up to 80 years of my age. Till my death I want to be happy with my family, friends and relatives. That's enough.  

Soul: sabrina_max 26th May 2015 9:57 am 
Asking Price: September, 2013, I was on this website because I wanted money fast. I was contacted by a black magick ritualist. I started a business with the help of this man, Clifford and today I manage a franchise worth tens of millions of dollars and it's not even 2 years yet. I will tell you from my first hand experience, black magick works. Email him:  
Reason: I finally get to to live the life I ever wanted. You can do the same.  

Soul: therealmvp 26th May 2015 8:31 am 
Asking Price: $100,000 US dollars  
Reason: I'm a young man(25 years old). with a great heart, i give to 2 charities, i feed the homeless everyday. i have saved 2 peoples life. i paint, write poetry and i am currently a stand up comedian, but comedy does not pay at all (so im technically unemployed). im a struggling adult but at the same time extremely generous. I fear i will lose my apartment soon and i dont know what to do.  

Soul: renae 25th May 2015 8:26 pm 
Asking Price: Something worth an eternity of suffering, fame perhaps? Riches? Should i even go as far as immortality ?  
Reason: Including my soul i have 3 other souls contracted and owned by me that im willing to sell for the right price.  

Soul: tj 25th May 2015 4:29 pm 
Asking Price: one million dollars  
Reason: I have done alot of good for people and I need this for me and my family  

Soul: troanand 25th May 2015 7:28 am 
Asking Price: I want $50,00,000 dollars for me & my family. Please Please Please Please Please Please I need the cash.  
Reason: I am different. Because i am able to communicate with plants, souls, even angels. Sometimes, i have felt angels protecting me. I even can talk with Lucifer. Only Sometimes !  

Soul: aliciayani16 25th May 2015 3:35 am 
Asking Price: $100,000,000,000 and family's health.  
Reason: It has been bad and naughty. It has been jealous to rich people. It would do anything for material things.  

Soul: muanzzou 25th May 2015 1:08 am 
Asking Price: it worth 1 million dollar to create a bussiness  
Reason: to let my family know that i can do something...  

Soul: muanzzou 25th May 2015 1:04 am 
Asking Price: i just wanna be rich  
Reason: it worth 1 million dollar  

Soul: Silverx1987 24th May 2015 7:05 pm 
Asking Price: $1,016,353.03 CAD or the abilities to fly and save people's lives.  
Reason: This isn't a reason more of an excuse but I'm a pathetic, lonely and lazy human being that has absolutely no talent at all. I want to help out my family, so if trading my soul is the easiest way to do it then I would gladly accept. As of right now it seems as if my life has no meaning at all so on face value it wouldn't be worth the effort but I'm willing to give it a try. As for the ability to fly, I'd always wanted to fly and so does 7 other billion people on Earth, the idea of being able to do something that you know for sure no one else can is exhilarating. Saving people's lives is just one of those things where you're helping humanity survive and it makes you feel better about yourself even if you had no intention of saving lives. I'm sorry for ranting and that this wasn't a good enough reason but at least I tried, even though trying doesn't bring results but it takes us one step closer.  

Soul: jackass1019 24th May 2015 5:41 pm 
Asking Price: I want at least 1 million UK pounds with longevity of about 110 and I want the woman I love to marry me and love me and have great nice sucesfull children with me and she stay with me until death. and for me to be happy.  
Reason: My life is worthless now, I want to be happy and the pain of heartbreak and not being with that someone is a pain too much to bear.  

Soul: mark99 24th May 2015 3:15 am 
Asking Price: I want to to adopt a little boy named Michael his child Id number is MI0C08752'. He also needs to what I say if I say stand on one foot he will stand on one foot. And enuf money to look after him  
Reason: I am going to hell eny way so why not have some fun . If you do not want my soul I will go to A nether site and Find someone how dose want it.  

Soul: hellbound 24th May 2015 2:11 am 
Asking Price: i would like to be able to foresee all the results of gambling games just before it happens. without any confusions. no imprisonment. just to be able to win every gambling game. and i want the power as soon as possible.  
Reason: take my soul as a payment and my niece's soul as bargain.  

Soul: reniertjie 24th May 2015 1:36 am 
Asking Price: Money money money  
Reason: I'm diffrent  

Soul: reniertjie 24th May 2015 1:35 am 
Asking Price: I want unlimited wealth and health for my parents  
Reason: The kind of person I am  

Soul: reniertjie 24th May 2015 1:34 am 
Asking Price: 50 000 000  
Reason: Will make the world a " better " place  

Soul: ruethedue 23rd May 2015 3:03 am 
Asking Price: 200,0000,0000,000000 life extension to do ur work i want it now right now  
Reason: Vengeance on those who turned on me w my charity u can have there souls as well as those who listen to my music ......(my family is off limits )  

Soul: ruethedue 23rd May 2015 2:59 am 
Asking Price: Fourtune fame to be a rap star and life extension i want unlimited riches and no deaths in my family health in my family none of my family will be yours !  
Reason: i will bring many souls to u through my music ppl are naturally drawn to me i am very vengeful on the world for screwing and lieng to me im ready to get everyone back by my charity theyll come n well all burn together Woman especially are drawn to me sex w them if i tell em to say my soul is yours ... Make trying them urs  

Soul: ishaq0550 22nd May 2015 4:00 pm 
Asking Price: i want 10 crore indian rupees for my soul.  
Reason: my soul worths more than the money i said because i am a destructor who uses magical power of both Quran and bile to destroy people.  

Soul: ishaq0550 22nd May 2015 4:00 pm 
Asking Price: i want 10 crore indian rupees for my soul.  
Reason: my soul worths more than the money i said because i am a destructor who uses magical power of both Quran and bile to destroy people.  

Soul: elvkun 22nd May 2015 9:45 am 
Asking Price: I want 250 000 and if possible i also want a partner to start a gold buying business the profits are limitless.  
Reason: There is no price tag to a soul and i have knowledge that not everyone posses and also i have something to offer in return.  

Soul: mark99 21st May 2015 2:14 pm 
Asking Price: I want to adopt Michael his child Id number is #:MI0C08752  
Reason: When I go to hell I want to make uthers feel my pain is that not why hell is there for people to feel The pain  

Soul: takemysoul21 21st May 2015 1:52 am 
Asking Price: I need at least 20,000  
Reason: I have a lot of bills to pay, I owe a lot of people money, I drink a lot and that's an expensive habit. I also want to help out my family with their money struggles especially my 95 uear old grandma who built her own house in 1955 it's slowly falling apart and I want to fix it up for her.  

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